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About Us
Founded in 1995, Motivational Creations was developed by individuals who had been successful in their own spheres of web design, branding and marketing. The companies we had worked at in the past were too segmented. Web sites and marketing plans were developed independently and as a result the overall message suffered
As a team, Motivational Creations recognized that we could offer a service that could not be found anywhere else. By combining our strengths, Motivational Creations has been able to look at branding and marketing from a complete strategy viewpoint. From start to finish a coherent strategy is developed and reinforced in the branding, web sites and marketing efforts so that a new synergy is created. Our clients reach customers more effectively and as a result their businesses are more successful.
Our web design team has the technical savvy and creative minds to develop cutting edge websites, from Internet identity sites to full service e-commerce solutions. Our marketing team has the experience to know how the offline and online worlds work together so that brands and websites are promoted effectively and efficiently. However, both teams constantly work together so that the end results of both are stronger.